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TV: BBC2 LISTINGS » Sunday 26th October 2014

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  • 0600 : Great British Garden Revival
    4/10. Cut Flowers and Trees: Gardeners try to save Britain's horticultural heritage. Rachel de Thame looks at the cut flower industry and Joe Swift encourages tree planting. Also in HD. [S]
  • 0700 : Countryfile
    In this seasonal special the team look at how autumn marks a time of transformation for the wildlife, landscape and communities of the countryside. Also in HD. [S]
  • 0800 : Gardeners' World
    Gardening magazine. Monty Don cracks on with his seasonal tasks at Longmeadow. Carol Klein visits first-time gardeners Dan and Dominique as they prepare for winter. Also in HD. [S]
  • 0830 : The Beechgrove Garden
    Gardening magazine. In the last programme of the series, Jim, Carole, Chris and George provide hints, tips and projects to get through winter. Also in HD. [S]
  • 0900 : The Football League Show
    Manish Bhasin presents highlights from all three divisions of the Football League, with the featured match coming from Elland Road as Leeds entertain Wolves. [S]
  • 1020 : Saturday Kitchen Best Bites
    James Martin takes a look back at some of his favourite recipes and best moments from Saturday Kitchen. [S]
  • 1150 : James Martin: Home Comforts
    TV chef James Martin explores home cooking. James prepares some of the best homemade treats, perfect for a night in front of the TV. Also in HD. [S]
  • 1220 : Exploring China: A Culinary...
    ...Adventure. 1/4. Cookery series. In Beijing, Ken Hom and Ching-He Huang cook for world-class chefs and learn traditional cooking methods in the homes of Beijingers. Also in HD. [AD,S]
  • 1320 : War and Peace
    Lavish adaptation of Tolstoy's novel concerning the complex story of two men's love for one woman, set against Napoleon's attempt to conquer Russia. [1956] [S]
  • 1640 : Escape to the Continent
    3/20. Spain - Valencia: Anita Rani is in Valencia, Spain, house-hunting with a recently married couple who are hoping to start the next chapter of their lives in a new country. Also in HD. [S]
  • 1710 : Flog It!
    5/23. Derby: Amongst the treasures unearthed by experts Philip Serrell and Michael Baggott in Derby are a station wall clock, a unique collection of razors and a working toy train set. [S]
  • 1800 : Inside the Animal Mind
    2/3. The Problem Solvers: Chris Packham uncovers the planet's cleverest creatures, from navigating bees and lock-picking cockatoos to the best animal problem-solvers of all, crows. Also in HD. [AD,S]
  • 1900 : Human Universe
    3/5. Are We Alone?: Professor Brian Cox explores mankind's place in the universe. He considers the possibility of alien life - could it exist and will humans ever find it? Also in HD. [AD,S]
  • 2000 : Wonders of the Monsoon
    4/5. Strange Castaways: On Sulawesi, the combination of monsoon and volcanoes has created a paradise. Also in HD. [AD,S]
  • 2100 : Afghanistan: The Lion's Last Roar?
    Two-part series telling the story of Britain's war in Afghanistan. Part one examines the build up to the conflict and reveals a story of confused aims. Also in HD. [S]
  • 2200 : Russell Howard's Good News
    1/12. Topical news show hosted by comedian Russell Howard, who offers his unique and quirky take on the week's global headlines and bizarre news stories. Also in HD. [S]
  • 2230 : The Fall
    1/5. When a Belfast murder remains unsolved, Stella Gibson is brought in to catch the killer. Contains some strong language and disturbing scenes. Also in HD. [AD,S]
  • 2330 : The Fall
    2/5. DSI Stella Gibson's fears are realised as Spector's murder spree in Belfast continues. Contains some strong language, sexual content and disturbing scenes. Also in HD. [AD,S]
  • 0030 : The Fall
    3/5. Crime drama. As Stella Gibson takes control of the hunt for the serial killer, Spector realises his perfect kill is tainted. Contains strong language and some violence. Also in HD. [AD,S]
  • 0130 : Countryfile
    In this seasonal special the team look at how autumn marks a time of transformation for the wildlife, landscape and communities of the countryside. [S,SL]
  • 0225 : Holby City
    Hospital drama. When Raf is confronted with a patient needing complex specialist surgery, Fletch wonders if he will put his feud with Harry behind him. [AD,S,SL]
  • 0325 : This Is BBC Two
    Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. Also in HD. [S]
  • 0600 : This Is BBC Two
    Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S]
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